Accelerate your Capability Development

Fully aligned to the Aspiration ACD (Accelerated Capability Process), the  capability development module is used by Line managers to record the progress of assessment and capability discussions. There is also an alternative module that tracks employee Competence against a level based competence standard
  • On the Job Capability Assessment using profiles

  • Building of competence unit database / profiles

  • Each employee linked to the competencies for the job

  • Tracking of assessment by managers as assessors

  • Current progress and history of progress over several months

  • Organisation wide capability progress tracked and reported

  • Safety / Health / Environmental / Quality tagging of Units / Learning objectives

  • Link Unit to Learning Solutions with online dynamic links

  • Skills versatility Reporting

  • Secure & Password protection & identification for assessor and moderator activities.

  • Level Based Version tracks employee and manager assessments against the standard for the job

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